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Title Author Album Type
Citizen Erased Muse Origin of Symmetry PowerTab
99 Red Balloons Goldfinger Stomping Ground PowerTab
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz Demon Days PowerTab
This Dying Soul Dream Theater Train of Thought PowerTab
Live Wire Motley Crue Too Fast for Love PowerTab
Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon Chicago Chicago PowerTab
Falling In And Out Of Love Lita Ford Lita PowerTab
Bride Of The Crimson Sea Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Chaotic Beauty Guitar Pro
Deep Inside Of You Third Eye Blind Blue PowerTab
GSacred Ground/Forest of Remains/Iara/House of Flutes/The Path of Waters Glory Opera Rising Moang Guitar Pro
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Dreamscape Lucidity Pagan's Mind Celestial Entrance PowerTab
Heaven's Coming Down The Tea Party Tangents PowerTab
The Glass Prison Dream Theater Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence PowerTab
First Noble Truth Shadows Fall Of One Blood PowerTab
Gran Jota de Concierto Francisco Tarrega PowerTab
Escape Metallica Ride The Lightning PowerTab
Grind Alice In Chains Alice In Chains PowerTab
Falling In And Out Of Love Lita Ford Lita PowerTab
Imperium Machine Head Through The Ashes Of Empires PowerTab
The Tower Bruce Dickinson Scream for me Brazil PowerTab
Stay With Me Changeup Changeup PowerTab
Jailbreak Ac/dc '74 Jailbreak PowerTab
A Tout Le Monde Megadeth Youthanasia PowerTab
WWSWB Yesterdays Rising When We Speak, We Breathe PowerTab
Little Baby Nothing Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists PowerTab
She's Leaving Home The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band PowerTab
Anarchy Waltz Distorted Penguins PowerTab
Never Neverland Annihilator Never Neverland PowerTab
Hook In Mouth Megadeth So Far, So Good ... So What PowerTab
D.I.D. The 69 Eyes Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams PowerTab