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Title Author Album Type
Thor Manowar Battle Hyms Guitar Pro
Let The Hammer Fall Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings Guitar Pro
Genocide Hammerfall Threshold PowerTab
Always Will Be Hammerfall Renegade Guitar Pro
S O S Stratovarius Guitar Pro
phoenix Stratovarius infinite Guitar Pro
Superheroes Edguy Superheroes Guitar Pro
The Seven Angels Avantasia The Metal Opera: PT 2 PowerTab
Navigator Edguy Hellfire Club PowerTab
Will the Sun Rise (2) Stratovarius Episode Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Superheroes Edguy Rocket Ride Guitar Pro
Master Of The Wind Manowar The Triumph Of Steel 1992 Guitar Pro
blood bound Hammerfall chapter V Guitar Pro
StratoFortress Stratovarius Elements Part I Guitar Pro
Stratosphere Stratovarius Episode Guitar Pro
Forever Stratovarius Episode Guitar Pro
Strangers in the night Gamma Ray Guitar Pro
4000 rainy nights Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Hero's Return Hammerfall Guitar Pro
From Out Of Nowhere Faith No More The Real Thing Guitar Pro
Dethrone Tyranny Gamma Ray No World Order Guitar Pro
Riders of the Storm Hammerfall Crimson Thunder Guitar Pro
Remember Yesterday Hammerfall Legacy of Kings Guitar Pro
Eternity Stratovarius Episode Guitar Pro
The Crown Of The Ring (Lament Of The Kings) Manowar Kings Of Metal Guitar Pro
Send Me A Sign (live) Gamma Ray Powerplant Guitar Pro
Hold on to your Dream Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Heeding The Call Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings Guitar Pro
Wheels Of Fire Manowar Kings Of Metal (1988) Guitar Pro
Forever Acoustic (Live) Stratovarious Visions of Europe PowerTab