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Title Author Album Type
Happiness Is A Warm Gun Breeders Uncut: Instant Karma 2002: A Tribute to John Lennon Guitar Tab
Sparky Kristin Hersh Hips and Makers Guitar Tab
Bruise Pristine Placebo Guitar Tab
Sweet Switchblade Symphony Serpentine Gallery Guitar Tab
Drag Placebo Guitar Tab
900 Breeders Cannonball Guitar Tab
Sundrops Kristin Hersh Further Beyond Nashville (disc 1) Guitar Tab
Been Smoking Too Long Placebo Guitar Tab
Lime Breeders Double-Trouble Guitar Tab
Thief Belly Chords
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Bangers N Mash Radiohead 2006-05-13: Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, UK Guitar Tab
Uncle June Kristin Hersh Sparkle Guitar Tab
Drivin On 9 Breeders Last Splash Guitar Tab
Bad Trash Switchblade Symphony In Goth Daze Guitar Tab
A Loon Kristin Hersh Sparkle Guitar Tab
Close Your Eyes Kristin Hersh Hips and Makers Guitar Tab
Divine Hammer Breeders Divine Hammer Guitar Tab
Beestung Kristin Hersh Strings Guitar Tab
Anyone Can Play Guitar Radiohead Pablo Honey Chords
Doe Breeders Pod Guitar Tab
Full Moon Belly Guitar Tab
Banana Co Radiohead My Iron Lung Guitar Tab
Shake Kristin Hersh TELEconned, Volume 1: We Want the Airwaves Guitar Tab
Spaceman Belly Guitar Tab
Shocker In Gloomtown Breeders Flipsides Guitar Tab
Fortunately Gone Breeders Pod Guitar Tab
Bigmouth Strikes Again Placebo Guitar Tab
Days Before You Came Placebo Guitar Tab
Do You Love Me Now Breeders Best of Independent Guitar Tab
Invisible Man Breeders Last Splash Guitar Tab