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Title Author Album Type
Hold On To Your Dream(acoustic) Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Learning To Fly Stratovarius Elements Guitar Pro
For a Trace of Life Edguy Hall of Flames (2004) Guitar Pro
Renegade Hammerfall Renegade Guitar Pro
Under the Moon Edguy Hellfire Club Guitar Pro
Judas at the Opera Edguy Superheroes Guitar Pro
Stratofortress Stratovarius Elements PT.1 PowerTab
Dreamland Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings Guitar Pro
Before the winter Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Tears Of A Mandrake Edguy Mandrake Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Hell Is Thy Home Gamma Ray Majestic Guitar Pro
Ravenlord Hammerfall Glory to the Brave EP Guitar Pro
The Hands of Time Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Heaven or Hell Gamma Ray 'No World Order /Skeletons in the Closet Guitar Pro
Eagle Gamma Ray No World Order Guitar Pro
The Fallen One Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings PowerTab
The Art Of Ross The Boss Manowar The Art Of The Boss Guitar Pro
The Headless Game Edguy Theater of Salvation Guitar Pro
Vain Glory Opera Edguy Vain Glory Opera Guitar Pro
Rebellion In Dreamland Gamma Ray Land Of The Free Guitar Pro
Beyond The Black Hole Gammaray Somewhere Out In Space Guitar Pro
Paradise Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Heaven Can Wait Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorrow Guitar Pro
Cold Winter nights Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Dreams Come True Hammerfall Guitar Pro
Stratosphere Stratovarius 1996 PowerTab
Mysteria Edguy Helfire club Guitar Pro
Hunting High And Low Stratovarius Infinite Guitar Pro
The Way Of The Warrior Hammerfall Renegade Guitar Pro
We Hold The Key Stratovarius Fourth Dimension Guitar Pro