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Title Author Album Type
Free nation Anti-flag A new kind of army Guitar Pro
Rejected Rancid Rancid PowerTab
No Cigar Millencolin pennybridge pioners Guitar Pro
Post-War Breakout Anti-flag The Terror State PowerTab
The Handshake Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction Guitar Pro
Fox Millencolin Pennybridge Pioneers Guitar Pro
Mooseman's Jukebox Millencolin Kingwood PowerTab
A New Kind Of Army Anti-flag Guitar Pro
Dance Craze Millencolin Same Old Tunes Guitar Pro
Bro Hymn Pennywise Full Circle Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
The Empire Strikes First Bad Religion The Empire Strikes First PowerTab
This is Only a Test Pennywise From the Ashes Guitar Pro
If The Kids Are United Rancid Give 'Em The Boots II PowerTab
Angry Young and Poor Anti-flag Underground Network Guitar Pro
Knocked Down Pennywise The Fuse Guitar Pro
Fuck Authority Pennywise Guitar Pro
One Trillion Dollars Anti-flag For Blood and Empire Guitar Pro
Big Bang Bad Religion No Control Guitar Pro
Tearing Everyone Down Anti-flag A New Kind Of Army Guitar Pro
A Walk Bad Religion Gray Race (Sony Music 1996) Guitar Pro
American Jesus Bad Religion Recipe for hate Guitar Pro
The Wars End Rancid and out come the wolves Guitar Pro
Drunk Sincerity Bad Religion Guitar Pro
New America Bad Religion The New America Guitar Pro
Cocktails Rancid Life Won't Wait PowerTab
Tearing Down The Borders Anti-flag The Terror State Guitar Pro
Mumia's Song Anti-flag Mobilize Guitar Pro
the phantom of the opera Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Guitar Pro
Bring Out Your Dead Anti-flag Underground Network Guitar Pro
Whisper In Time Bad Religion The New America PowerTab