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Title Author Album Type
Heal Me Gamma Ray Insanity Genius Guitar Pro
Roses To No One Edguy The Savage Poetry Guitar Pro
No Turning Back Stratovarius Destiny Guitar Pro
angel of mercy Hammerfalll crimson thunder Guitar Pro
Secrets Hammerfall Chapter 5 : Unbent, Unbound, Unbroken PowerTab
And Then There Was Silence Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera PowerTab
All The Clowns Edguy Mandrake Guitar Pro
Night time eclipse Stratovarius Episode Guitar Pro
Animals Manowar Sign Of The Hammer Guitar Pro
The Piper Never Dies (Intro) Edguy Hellfire Club Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Nailed to the wheel Edguy Guitar Pro
Reign Of the Hammer Hammerfall Threshold PowerTab
A Legend Reborn Hammerfall Guitar Pro
Fury Of The Wild Hammerfall Unbent Unbowed Unbrowken Guitar Pro
Lavatory Love Machine Edguy Helfire Club Guitar Pro
Legacy of Kings Hammerfall Legacy of Kings Guitar Pro
Armageddon Gamma Ray Skeletons In The Closet PowerTab
Blood Of The Kings Manowar Guitar Pro
Metal Warriors Manowar Guitar Pro
Funeral March Manowar Triumph of Steel Guitar Pro
Somewhere Out in Space Gamma Ray Somewhere Out in Space Guitar Pro
Eternal Dark Hammerfall Heading the call-Single Guitar Pro
The Power Manowar Louder Than Hell Guitar Pro
Stronger Than All Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings Guitar Pro
Fury Of The Wild Hammerfall Chapter V Unbent Unbowed Unbroken Guitar Pro
Hymn Edguy Vain Glory Opera Guitar Pro
Lust For Life Gamma Ray (Heading For Tomorrow/Blast Ffom the Past Guitar Pro
Rebellion In Dreamland Gamma Ray 7Land Of The Free (Drums from Blast from the Past album) Guitar Pro
Heaven Can Wait Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorrow Guitar Pro
Hold On To Your Dream (Acoustic) Stratovarius PowerTab