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Title Author Album Type
King Of Fools Edguy Hellfire Club Guitar Pro
Against The Wind Stratovarius Fourth Dimension Guitar Pro
In memoriam Hammerfall crimson thunder Guitar Pro
No Return Avantasia The Metal Opera Part II Guitar Pro
Scarlet Rose Edguy Hall Of Flames PowerTab
Legions Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Speed Of Light Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Hearts on fire Hammerfall Crimson Thunder Guitar Pro
Mysteria Edguy Hellfire club Guitar Pro
Visions Stratovarius Visions Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Carry On Manowar Fighting the World PowerTab
The Final Sacrifice Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt II Guitar Pro
Battle Hyms Manowar ManoWar Guitar Pro
Chasing Shadows Stratovarius Dreamspace Guitar Pro
Down To The Devil Edguy Hellfire Club (2004) Guitar Pro
Comming Home Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Spooks in the Attic Edguy Superheroes Guitar Pro
Courage Manowar Louder than hell Guitar Pro
Hunting High and Low Stratovarius Hunting High and Low PowerTab
The Fire Burns Forever Hammerfall Threshold PowerTab
How Long Gamma Ray Majestic Guitar Pro
The Way Of The Warrior Hammerfall Renegade Guitar Pro
Fight Gamma Ray Majestic Guitar Pro
Gloves Of Metal Manowar Into Glory Ride Guitar Pro
Stone Cold Hammerfall Glory To The Brave Guitar Pro
gelcapo hotmail com Holy Light Stratovarius Guitar Pro
Crimson Thunder Hammerfall Crimson Thunder Guitar Pro
A Million Light Years Away Stratovarius Visions Guitar Pro
Eagle heart Stratovarius Elements part 1 Guitar Pro
Chalice Of Agony Avantasia The Metal Opera part II 2002 Guitar Pro