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Title Author Album Type
Wizards First Rule Vic Casciotta n/a Guitar Pro
The Calling For Magik Vincent Casciotta Genocide Guitar Pro
Riff Compilation 2 Vincent Casciotta n/a Guitar Pro
MANifest Unholy Trinity n/a Guitar Pro
Sanity Drained Unholy Trinity Guitar Pro
Cool bass line Vincent Casciotta Guitar Pro
Riff Compilation Vincent Casciotta Guitar Pro
Motel Space Vincent Casciotta Turbulence Guitar Pro
Different Like Me Vincent Casciotta Turbulence Guitar Pro
Two Knives Two Lies Vincent Casciotta Turbulence Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Malicious Eyes Of The Revelation Unholy Trinity The book Of Unholy Trinity Guitar Pro
Hatred For The Forgiven Revealed Unholy Trinity Crimson Mirror Guitar Pro
Nailed Disciple Soldiers Of Elimination Moshpit Chronicles Guitar Pro
Enter The Ream Of Laceration Vincent Casciotta Unholy Trinity- Genocide Guitar Pro
Powers of the Pentagram Unholy Trinity The Book of the Unholy Trinity Guitar Pro