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Title Author Album Type
Chain Of Fools Laaz Rockit Annilation Principle Guitar Pro
Fire In The Hole L Z Rockit Annihilation Principle Guitar Pro
Mad Axe Attack L Z Rockit Know Your Enemy Guitar Pro
Chain Of Fools Laaz Rockit Guitar Tab
Rockit Herbie Hancock Sounds of the Eighties: The Rolling Stone Collection 1983-1985 Guitar Tab
The Omen Laaz Rockit Guitar Tab
Bad Blood Laaz Rockit Guitar Tab
Shadow Company Laaz Rockit Guitar Tab
Nice Dreams Powermad Absolute Power Guitar Pro
Heathen's Song Heathen Victims Of Deception Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
For Who's Advantage Xentrix For Who's Advantage (1990) Guitar Pro
Shadows Of Doubt Xentrix Dilute to Taste Guitar Pro
sanctuary Sanctuary Refuge Denied Guitar Pro
Prisoners Of Fate Heathen Vicitims Of Deception Guitar Pro
Waiting Xentrix Kin (1992) Guitar Pro
Ghost Busters Xentrix Guitar Tab
Battle Angels Sanctuary Guitar Tab
Morbid Curiosity Heathen Victims of Deception Guitar Tab
No Compromise Xentrix Guitar Tab
Open The Grave Heathen Guitar Tab
(Budka_Suflera_-_Nie_wierz_nigdy_kobiecie Lazarus Guitar Pro
Nice Dreams Powermad Guitar Tab
Off The Edge Forbidden Forbidden Evil Guitar Tab
Blind Man Reign Guitar Tab
Lighted Candle Billys Guitar Tab