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Title Author Album Type
King Of The Demimonde Burning Brides Leave No Ashes Guitar Tab
Arctic Snow Burning Brides KROQ: New Music 2003 Guitar Tab
Heart Full Of Black Burning Brides Modern Rock: June 2004 Chords
The Light at the End of the World My Dying Bride The Light at the End of the World PowerTab
Sear Me MCMXCIII My Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans PowerTab
A Kiss To Remember My Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun PowerTab
Burn The Rememberance Katatonia Viva Emptiness Guitar Pro
Burn The Remembrance Katatonia Viva Emptiness PowerTab
Deep Anathema Judgement Guitar Pro
Vampiria Moonspell Wolfheart Guitar Pro
Try this Proven Guitar Learning Method
Opium Moonspell Irreligious PowerTab
As I Die Paradise Lost Shades of God PowerTab
We the Gods Anathema Pentecost III Guitar Pro
Shroud Of Frost Anathema The Silent Enigma - 1995 Guitar Pro
Junk For Fashion Verbena Souls for Sale Guitar Tab